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Abiquiu, NM

Connie also performed for 'IMAGES OF NATURE' photographer Thomas Mangelsen.
The December night in Cherry Creek North was full of magic.
He loved her song she wrote for him called 'Through His Eyes' as well as other songs she shared from her CD.
Look for more songs and events born from an inspired night of two souls who love the land, wildlife and the wilderness!


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Gallery in The Dome

21557 HWY 84, Abiquiu, NM

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  Sunflowers, Sunsets, and Sage ~
Songs of the high desert Red Rock canyons, hawks, rivers,
and love found and lost.

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Sunflower Canyon Casita

Air B & B in Abiquiu, NM


 ~ Did you know she's a dinosaur fossil hunter and earth science educator too? ~ 
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 Connie Burton Burkhart is a metal design artist, singer-songwriter,

musician, mother and educator in earth sciences.

She is a true renaissance woman!

Her passion for the southwest and ancient rock art images is the source of her inspiration when she brings new life to discarded scrap metal.

Her studio and home are located in Abiquiu, New Mexico,

an eclectic community in the Chama river valley surrounded by red rock mesas, ancient archaeological sites, and amazing geology all at the edge of the Colorado plateau.



'JOURNEY OF TWO SOULS' - Copper on Steel Base




Connie Burkhart - a metal design artist, singer-songwriter, musician, mother, educator in earth sciences and a true renaissance woman!

Living in canyon country where the ancient ones once walked has been a desire of hers for decades and, in 2016 with her move from Lyons, CO to Abiquiu, NM, her dream became a reality. Her studio and home sit nestled near the cliffs in the Chama River valley surrounded by red rock mesas, archaeological sites and the amazing geology at the edge of the Colorado plateau. Her gallery has found a home in her unique adobe Dome on HWY 84.

Just a few miles away is Ghost Ranch, where she began her adventures in the art of burning metal during an Art Welding workshop she took. Ghost Ranch offered Connie a space to indulge in this art form as well as ‘excavate’ her love of music, songwriting and hunting for fossils. She is an instructor at the ranch sharing her metal art and love of the high desert.

One little known fact about Connie is that she grew up in the Hollywood scene, appearing on several shows including American Bandstand. Her close friendship with Marie Osmond allowed her to have many experiences of unbelievable measure. However, when Connie went on her first archaeology field trip in college, her life changed drastically as she watched the sun setting over the slick rock canyon country for the first time. The wilderness became her inspiration for living life to its fullest, writing songs from the heart, digging in the earth for ancient treasures and creating designs that are grounded in her soul.

With all the good things life sent her way there has also been tragedy. Regarding love she states, "Loss has been a part of my journey, but with it came a love for which I can only be grateful". Her passion and determination to recognize heartache and celebrate life's gifts translates into every aspect of her life. She and her four children share the love of the arts, their best times being spent together around a campfire with guitars and the clear New Mexico night sky.

Connie's love of the Southwest flows through all of her work including the images she produces with metal, the lyrics of her songs and the stories she tells of hunting dinosaur bones. Her ability to celebrate her love of art and science blends her varied interests to her businesses - a metal arts division, performance/CD division and the paleontology education division, where she is widely known as The Dinosaur Lady.

For Connie, creative inspiration comes from many things, whether it be finding a treasure in a pile of scrap metal, exploring the land, watching the sunset as it washes the land in warm light or findinga sunflower that grows in the sand.

Enjoy updates and news regarding Connie Burkhart's gallery, workshops, performances and metal designs here!


Contact Info: 505.484.9887 ~ PO BOX 1459 Abiquiu, NM 87510 ~



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